Baby Food Jar Snowman


Baby Food Jar Snowman

You will need:
3 baby food jars with lids
White paintĀ 
Hot glue
Paint brush (small)
Twigs or toothpicks
Small scrap material piece for a scarf


Pour white paint inside the jars and swish it around to coat the entire inside of the jar.  Let dry.

Paint the outside of the lids with the white paid.  Let dry.

Stack the 3 jars on top of each other and hot glue them together.

Hot glue buttons down the front of your snowman.

Use the colored markers to make a happy face on your snowman.

Hot glue some toothpicks or twigs on the sides of the snowman for arms.

Make a small scarf to tie around the snowman’s neck from the piece of scrap material. 

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