Home Remedies for a Colicky Baby


Home Remedies for a Colicky Baby by Vickie Barnes

You may be a new parent or a parent of five kids, but when your baby is crying nonstop you will worry and take him immediately to the doctor many times simply to find out your baby has colic and there is nothing the doctor can do. Most doctors will simply tell you to wait it out and around three months of age your baby’s colic should take care of itself. This can be a long time to wait when your baby is miserable and crying incessantly. So, if you aren’t the sit around and wait type then you might consider some home remedies for your baby. Remember, however, that the following home remedies will not work for all babies and you may need to try several before finding the best one for your baby.

A great and simple home remedy that just might soothe the colic in your baby is a massage. There are many massage techniques that help reduce discomfort and aid in the passing of gas which you can learn online, from books, or even a massage therapist. Most of these techniques are easy and do not require any experience in massage at all. Generally massage is a positive way to treat your child’s colic because it is believe to treat the cause of colic rather than the symptoms resulting in a happier and healthier baby, not to mention parents. Different babies respond to massage in different ways, some very successfully and others not at all. However, it is certainly worth a try because if it works massage is an easy way to help your baby pass gas and avoid the pains of colic. Give massage a try and see if it helps your baby.

Yet another home remedy for colic is herbal tea. Most parents are unaware of this home remedy, but it really does work for many babies. Also, most doctors believe it is perfectly safe to administer up to four ounces of herbal tea to an infant on a daily basis. You should of course check with your doctor first, but if you get the go ahead you will find peppermint, chamomile, ginger, and catnip the most successful at alleviating colic pain and discomfort. Remember, however, that when you give your baby herbal teas you should stick to their regular meal schedule as well because they need the nutrition of a meal that just is not found in herbal tea.

You may also find burping beneficial in reducing colic or helping your baby feel better. Most parents feed their baby and then burp, however doing this with a colic prone baby means more air will enter the baby’s tiny digestive system and more gas will be created that causes severe discomfort. So, when it is close to feeding time try burping your child before, during, and after to help reduce gas. Your baby might not like this at first, but it is worthwhile if it reduces the amount of discomfort your baby is in.

Another easy home remedy for a colicky baby is a warm bath, warm water bottle, or other warming device that will heat your baby’s stomach but not get too hot and burn baby. It is amazing, but warm water generally relaxes the intestines allowing the baby to pass gas and ease discomfort. It seems amazing that something as easy as a warm bath can ease the discomfort of colic, but many times it does the trick!

Your baby can’t help the discomfort of colic and you as a parent should remember that your baby is crying out from pain and discomfort. So try and remain calm and try some of these home remedies to help your baby feel better and not suffer from colic so much.

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