The Cry From Below


Signs of Pregnancy – The Cry From Below by Jenny Walsh

Of course, there are many different signs of pregnancy and different symptoms that you may or may not experience. These signs, are literally that. Signs from our body that we need to be made aware of something, guess what we’re having a baby is the cry from below.

At the first signs of pregnancy, most women make a beeline to the pharmacy and purchase a home pregnancy test kit. This is most often the best way to establish whether you are pregnant or not. Many women are nervous or shy about buying a pregnancy test kit, it really should not be anything to worry about. However, it is understandable in some cases where you do not want other people to find out you may be pregnant.

If you live in a small town or one prone to gossip, try purchasing a pregnancy test kit online. Or if you are in a rush, you could visit your local mother’s group or doctor for a confidential test. Most importantly, do not put off taking the pregnancy test kit, especially if you are showing different signs of pregnancy.

Using a pregnancy test kit is reasonably straight forward. Upon the first signs of pregnancy, they are used to determine pregnancy by testing for a hormone called “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin” which is found in women’s urine. The hormone is also well known as the “pregnancy hormone”, this is because when it is found, it means that a women is pregnant. Most tests work on a simple basis, one signal for pregnant and another signal for not pregnant. If you’re unsure you should read the instructions provided.

If one of the signs of pregnancy you are experiencing is a missed period, the optimum time to use a home pregnancy test kit is as soon as you’re aware that the period has been missed. You may experience other signs of pregnancy such as morning sickness, swollen breasts or tiredness, however in our opinion taking the test following a missed period is good timing.

If your test is positive, it is then important to get this confirmed by a medical professional. They will take a blood test and talk to you about what to expect during your pregnancy. If it is your first baby, they will discuss the different signs of pregnancy, hereditary illnesses and whether you are on any medication that may harm the baby. It is important to use this time to ask about anything you are not sure of.

After the first signs of pregnancy and the confirmation, you maybe feeling a little strange emotionally. In the grand scheme of things, being told that you are expecting a baby is a massive life changing moment. So whether the pregnancy was planned or a wonderful accident, it is often best to spend a day or two getting used to the idea of being pregnant, before telling anyone else.

Remember, the signs of pregnancy are just that. Signs from our body that it is time for change, start to look after yourself better, eat more healthily and drink lots of water.

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