Top Questions You Need to Ask Your Child’s Daycare about Emergency Preparedness


Top Questions You Need to Ask Your Child’s Daycare about Emergency Preparedness by Carlo Morelli

A quality daycare provider will be prepared properly for fires, medical emergencies, sickness, storms and disasters. They will be glad to answer questions you may have about emergency preparedness. Below are some of the important questions you would ask a daycare provider before enrolling your children.

How do you prepare for a fire, and how do you prevent it? A responsible daycare will only permit a certain number children per classroom. This enables quick exit in case of fire. They will have working fire alarms that are tested once a week, and a fire detector in every room in working condition. They will have exit plans, fire exit maps on the walls of each room and exercise routine fire drills at least one a week.

How do you deal with natural disasters? Day care staff should be trained in handling natural disasters, for example, in some areas of the country regular tornado drills are held so children know exactly what to do. Also, they listen to weather reports daily, and lead the children to the shelter when necessary. Some workers are also skilled in stress and crisis management, to handle stressful situations calmly and effectively.

How are you prepared for sickness? Reputable daycares ensure that children with contagious sicknesses stay home, and will contact you immediately if your child has a communicable disease. The daycare will do their best to take care of children with non-contagious sicknesses. Additionally, they will follow all instructions you give them if your child must take medications during the school day.

How do you deal with injuries? For a severe injury such as severe burns, broken bone, twisted ankle, or internal injury, a conscientious daycare will immediately contact you or one of your emergency contacts. If they cannot get a hold of emergency contacts, they will then call 911.

For minor injuries like a minor cut, scrap, or bruise, how will they handle it? The day care worker should take care of it on site, as well as document it and report it to the parents as soon as the parent picks the child up.

How do you deal with a medical emergency? A good daycare will have daycare workers that are certified in CPR and trained in the Heimlich maneuver, in case a child is choking and cannot breathe.

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