Cheerleader Halloween Costumes


You will need:
Shirt like a sweater or heavy turtleneck
Above the knee skirt (pleated if possible)
Tennis Shoes
Pom poms (these can be bought at party stores)
Glue gun or thread and needle
White felt (to make team letters out of
White and blue yarn or ribbon to tie in the hair
Cardboard thin like what comes in a new shirt to make a scone to shout through or use posterboard

A. Cut the teams letters out of the felt and sew or glue them to the sweater

B. Dress the cheerleader with the sweater, socks, shoes, skirt and tennis shoes.

C. Make a cone shaped scone to be yelled through but twisting the cardboard into a cone and hot glueing it there. Decorate it with ribbon or glitter (optional)

D. Use the yarn or ribbon to tie in the hair for pig tails. Hand her the pom poms and the scone.

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