Halloween Costumes

Bunny Halloween Costumes

Make Bunny Halloween Costumes You will need: Sweat suit or outfit that is Pink, brown, or white and gloves to match Powder puff or large pom-pom Constriction paper Plastic headband Hot glue gun Instructions A. Add a powder puff or large pom-pom to the backside B. Make a set of ears make from constriction paper … Read more

Bee Keeper Halloween Costume

You will need: Some type of a net like a butterfly net Coverhalls like white painter’s coverhalls that cover the full body 1 1/2 yards of netting Brimmed hat Hot-glue gun Bee stickers (optional) or cut out paper ones Instructions A. Use the glue gun to glue the netting to the brim of the hat … Read more

Cheerleader Halloween Costumes

You will need: Shirt like a sweater or heavy turtleneck Above the knee skirt (pleated if possible) Socks Tennis Shoes Pom poms (these can be bought at party stores) Glue gun or thread and needle White felt (to make team letters out of White and blue yarn or ribbon to tie in the hair Cardboard … Read more

Cowboy Halloween Costumes

Make Cowboy Halloween Costumes You will need: Blue Jeans Long sleeve shirt Belt with a big belt buckle Cowboy boots Hankerchief to tie around the neck Chaps (optional) Swede vest (optional) Cowboy hat Instructions A. Dress and place the hankerchief around your neck with the tie part hanging in the front Baby Mingle

Pirate Halloween Costumes

You will need: Black patch for one eye Baggie pants like pajamas Shirt with baggie sleeves Red or black scarf to wrap the head in Black face paint for a mustache or a fake mustache Hook made out of pipe cleaners wrapped with aluminum foil Instructions A. Dress your pirate B. Wrap his head in … Read more

Boxer Halloween Costumes

You will need: Sport knee socks Sports shirt Belt with a huge belt buckle (optional) Athletic long baggie shorts Tennis Shoes Bathrobe to drap down his back or some type of a cape Instructions A. Dress your child in his athletic shorts and shirt. B. Put his sports knee socks on and tennis shoes C. … Read more

Tic Tac Toe Halloween Costumes

Make Tic Tac Toe Halloween Costumes You will need: A box Tape to make the x’s and o’s or paint or a marker Paint to paint your box if you wish it to be a color Instructions A. Paint your box if you wish it to be painted. Cut a hole for your arms and … Read more

Judge Halloween Costumes

Make Judge Halloween Costumes You will need: Long gown worn at graduation get one from a cousin or older family member or make one from material White dress shirt to wear under it Instructions A. Dress the Judge Baby Mingle

Pumpkin Halloween Costumes

Make Pumpkin Halloween Costumes You will need: Very large orange baggie sweatshirt Orange turtle neck or green Felt marker or black felt or black material Tissue paper or newspaper Instructions A. Sew the bottom of the sweatshirt to the bottom of the turtle neck. B. Use either a majic marker to draw a face on … Read more

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