Fairy Halloween Costumes


You will need: 
duct tape 
silver tinsel 
queen size panty hose 
pipe cleaner 
white or pink outfit such as a bodysuit or long gown
star garland 
body glitter 
aluminum wire  – about 9 guage
empty christmas wrapping paper cardboard tube 

A.  Make the wire wings with a coiled roll of aluminum wire 13 foot in length and bend it in half and make a small loop at the bend. 
Then, about 8 inches up from the loop make a large wing shape with 52 inches of wire, do this for both sides. Next, make a 5 x 8 x 8 inch triangle above the loop you made for the wings. 

B.  Get your pair of queen size panty hose and cut the legs off. Stretch one leg over one wing and fasten it with the pipe cleaner, then stretch the excess over the triangle, then do this for the other side too. 

C.  Cut a 7 foot piece of ribbon and tie the middle of it to the bottom of the triangle. Put the ribbon around the triangle so the wings will hang like a backpack. 

D. Put your child in her pink outfit.   Put some glitter on her arms and/or cheeks. Put on her wings.  You could make a crown for her hair out of tinsel and wire or garland.  You could make a wond for her out of an empty christmas wrapping paper cardboard tube and cover it with foil and have silver tinsel hanging out of the end of it. 

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