Go Get ‘Em – Potty Training Motivation


Go Get ‘Em – Potty Training Motivation by Andrea Simanson

What do Spiderman underwear and gummy bears have to do with potty training? Well, we tapped into a couple of things that Andy (our two-year old) likes in order to motivate him about toilet training.

First, he loves to put on Spiderman underwear (no, he hasn’t seen the movie, but our two older children have and they act it out, so Andy knows who Spiderman is).

Second, he really loves gummy bears. If he knows he’ll get a gummy bear or two (number 1 and number 2, get it?) AND if he keeps Spiderman dry, he knows he’ll get to enjoy those gummy bears. He’s not mastered the life skill yet, but he’s getting better every day. Just the other day he went potty without even being prompted. We walked past the bathroom and there he was on the toilet.

My motto: “Do whatever it takes to help your child succeed at potty training!” If it’s a big chocolate bar they want, promise it for the big splash they’ll make when they first poop in the toilet. Is it stickers they like, give them lots! Is it hugs and kisses, hug and kiss them lots! Is it encouraging words? Make a list of the words that mean the most and say them often. Our older kids are the best at encouraging Andy in this way. They do a better job than we do.

Tap into what motivates your child and give it a try. You may be surprised at how quickly he or she learns and how fun it can be too!

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Andrea Simanson is a wife and mother of three children, and the website and ezine editor of Successful Family Chores – Putting FUN and ENERGY into everyday tasks. For a regular dose of family organizational ideas, sign up for Successful Family Chores.

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