Bed Wetting Alarms Can Be Useful

Bed Wetting Alarms Can Be Useful by Graham Jones Whenever parents discuss how to deal with bed wetting, the topic of alarms inevitably gets raised. Bed wetting alarms can be useful devices, but in spite of the popularity with which they get discussed, they should not really be considered a first line option. Bed wetting … Read more

Let’s Use The Potty-Potty Training

Let’s Use The Potty-Potty Training by Debra Slater  Potty training is a major milestone for a toddler. We had bought a book called “Once Upon a Potty” for his first birthday and he enjoyed reading about Joshua using the potty. My mother bought him a DVD called “I Gotta Go!” which he enjoyed watching and … Read more

Eight Tips For Potty Training Your Toddler

Eight Tips For Potty Training Your Toddler – by Jacqueline Courtiol, M.A. Ed. Getting your toddler to perform toileting independently is a welcome milestone for any parent. Few of us want to be changing diapers much past the child’s second birthday. However, children vary greatly in their adoption of the potty routine which is influenced … Read more

Is Your Baby Ready For Potty Training?

Is Your Baby Ready For Potty Training? by Sarah Veda You’re getting tired of changing those diapers, aren’t you? It’s so great to be able to get your child out of diapers. But, when it comes to potty training, timing is everything. If you start when your child isn’t ready, it will just take longer. … Read more

Not for the Faint of Heart

Potty Training –Not for the Faint of Heart by Sarah Veda If you’ve determined that your child is ready for potty training, it’s time to take the plunge. It’s not easy, but don’t despair, your child will master potty training some time before kindergarten. It’s important to make sure you’re ready, too, because potty training … Read more

Potty Training Your Child

Potty Training Your Child by Christian Tylor Potty training your child could be a big challenge, especially if it is your firstborn. You may be a little nervous wondering if you are doing everything correctly to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Potty training is a natural part of a child’s development and … Read more

Go Get ‘Em – Potty Training Motivation

Go Get ‘Em – Potty Training Motivation by Andrea Simanson What do Spiderman underwear and gummy bears have to do with potty training? Well, we tapped into a couple of things that Andy (our two-year old) likes in order to motivate him about toilet training. First, he loves to put on Spiderman underwear (no, he … Read more

Bedwetting – When to Worry

Bedwetting – When to Worry by Jared Winston All the parenting handbooks tell you that most children start to stay dry through the night at about age three. Ask any pediatrician and he’ll tell you that about that time, he suddenly starts hearing questions from worried parents about their children still wetting the bed at … Read more

How To Potty Train In Two Days

How To Potty Train In Two Days by Carrie Lauth Ah, potty training! Go to a local bookseller and you will find dozens of books on the subject. Search the Net and there are thousands of websites with information on how to do it stress free. There are even people who are capitalizing on a … Read more

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