Halloween Angel Costume


You will need:
duct tape
pipe cleaner
glitter (optional)
star garland
white long gown (this could be pajamas, old dress, or homemade gown)
gold paint (optional)

A. Draw with the pencil on your cardboard the way you wish the wings to look and be big enough to protrude off the sides from behind the angel. Then cut out the wings. Paint them gold (optional)

B. Put your angels long gown and fit the wings to her back and mark where you will attach them. Take the gown off your child and fasten the cardboard wings to the back of the gown by punching a hole in the cardboard and through the gown then threading some string through to fasten the wings. Paint the string gold to match the wings (optional)

C. Put glitter on her wings (optional). You could make a crown for her hair out of star garland.

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