Make Dried Seed Baskets to Give as Gifts


Make Crafts of Cheap and Easy Dried Seed Baskets

You will need: 
Dired Seeds like Marigolds, Zinnas, Day lillies and others
Bulbs dried like extra gladolia bulbs, tulip bulbs, canna lilly and others 
One basket or just decorate a box
Ribbon to make a bow
Celophane to wrap the basket

Printable craft instructions, print the craft instructions now.

A.  Package the seeds in little envelopes and write the names of what’s inside on the envelope.  You could use colored paper to make the envelopes.

B.  Fill a basket or decorated box then place the envelopes of seeds and bulbs inside.

C.  Put a big bow on it made out of the ribbon

D.  Wrap the basket with celophane, they do make colored celophane if you wish it to be fancy.

If giving it at a Holiday as a gift:
Valentines Day – you can add hearts to the basket 
Easter – fill the basket with grass then the envelopes
Christmas – decorate the basket with Christmas colors add tissue paper and fill it with the envelopes
Halloween – decorate the basket with Halloween colors and use orange tissue paper insdie the basket.
Thanksgiving – decorate the basket for Thanksgiving then fill
Mothers Day or Fathers Day.  Decorate the basket for the Holiday then fill. 

Printable craft instructions, print the craft instructions now.

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