Decorative Bottles Of Flowers in Oil


Decorative Bottles Of Flowers in Oil

You will need:
Bottles with cork tops.
Mineral Oil (baby oil will work)
Flowers, dried flowers, potpourri, stones, twigs and other small items to put in your bottle. 
A white candle. 


Leave stems on flowers so they don’t just float to the top.  Arrange your decor inside the bottle the way you want it to appear.  Use stones, twigs, potpourri, flowers and other small items. 

After you have everyting inside your bottle, pour the mineral oil gently into the bottle to about 1/2″ from the top. 

Put the cork back in the bottle.  Seal the cork with a little melted wax from a candle.

You can also add a ribbon around the neck of the bottle tied into a bow for gift giving.

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