Make Gifts of Jars of Candy


Make Crafts of Candy in Jars For Gifts 

You will need: 
One Jar with lid
Piece of lace (optional)

A.  Fill the jars with candy for the holiday or occassion

B.  Place a piece of lace over the jar then screw the lid on with the lace hanging out around the jar about 2 inches

C.  Place another piece of lace over the jar that has the lid on it and let the lace hang down about to where the other lace ends. 

D.  Tie some ribbon around the neck of the jar and make a bow.  This will hold the 2nd piece of lace in place.

If giving it at a Holiday as a gift:
Valentines Day – Make them Red and you can add hearts to the lace and ribbon 
Easter – add some little Easter eggs .
Christmas – Make them Red and Green
Halloween – Make them orange .
Mothers Day or Fathers Day.  Decorate with what your Mother and Father would like to have.
Thanksgiving – Decorate with little paper turkeys
4th of July – Make them red, white and blue

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