Make Hanging Potpourri Balls


>Make Crafts of Hanging Potpourri Balls  You will need: Potpourri

Lace or netting to put the potpourri in and still be able to smell it
Tiny little flowers with a long stem (optional)

A.  Fill a peice of lace or netting with the potpourri

B.  Tie the potpourri in with the ribbon but leave about 2 or 3 inches of lace above where you tie it

C.  Hook the flowers to the ribbon

D.  Hook another piece of ribbon to hang up the Potpourri ball.

If giving it at a Holiday as a gift:
Valentines Day – Make them Red and you can add hearts to the lace and ribbon
Easter – add some little Easter eggs to the ribbon.
Christmas – Make them Red and Green
Halloween – Make them orange .
Mothers Day or Fathers Day.  Decorate with what your Mother and Father would like to have.
Thanksgiving – Decorate with little paper turkeys
4th of July – Make them red, white and blue

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