Make Gifts Spices in a Basket


Make Crafts of Basket of Spices 

You will need: 
One Basket 
Spices these can be from your garden or jars from town, get a good variety

A.  Decorate the basket for the holiday or ocassion (see below) 

B.  Place the spices in the basket, name them.

C.  Cover the basket with colored celophane

D.  Make  a big bow out of the ribbon..

If giving it at a Holiday as a gift:
Valentines Day – Make them Red and you can add hearts to the basket 
Easter – add some little Easter eggs .
Christmas – Make them Red and Green
Halloween – Make them orange .
Mothers Day or Fathers Day.  Decorate with what your Mother and Father would like to have.
Thanksgiving – Decorate with little paper turkeys
4th of July – Make them red, white and blue

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