Balloon Party Games


Balloon Bag
Form 4 teams for this fun party game who will race to see how many balloons they can get in their bags before the music stops

Balloon Blow Up
Form teams for this fun party game who will race to blow up balloons until the balloons explode.

Balloon Burst
Let guests try to stomp and break balloons on the floor that have candy inside them.  They get to keep the candy if they break the balloon.

Balloon Stomp For Teams
This fun party game lets you form teams who will race to the stomping area and pop the balloons

Balloon Stomp Individuals
Tie balloons to guests ankles.  Let guests stomp on each other’s balloons and try to pop them.  One who pops most is winner.

Balloon Train Party Game
Form 2 teams for this fun party game with the balloon in between 2 people who pass it to the next 2 people and race to the finish

Balloon Hit The Target
Choose a target. Have your guests each blow up a balloon and then let is deflate and fly towards the target.  First to hit target wins

Balloon in the Air
Let guests throw the balloon in the air and have the referee see how many seconds it stays in the air.  Winner is one who keeps it in the air the longest.

Balloon Pop Party Game
Blow up and tie one balloon for each guest with a strip of paper inside. Guests try to pop the balloon and get the paper. One strip of paper says winner and rest say: Sorry you did not win.

Balloon War Party Games
Form teams for this fun party game and try to steal balloons from the other teams.

Grab The Balloons Party Game
Place 15-20 blown up balloons on the floor.  Let each guest take a turn and give them 2 minutes to pick up and hold as many balloons as possible. Whoever can hold onto the most balloons during their 2 minutes wins.

Water Balloon Catch Party Game
Have guests catch water balloons, if successful move further apart.  Person to catch most will win.

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