Balloon Party Games

Balloon BagForm 4 teams for this fun party game who will race to see how many balloons they can get in their bags before the music stops Balloon Blow UpForm teams for this fun party game who will race to blow up balloons until the balloons explode.  Balloon BurstLet guests try to stomp and break … Read more

Baby Shower Games

Baby Diaper Suprise GameYour guests guess what kind of melted candy bar is in the diaper.  Baby Bottle Baby Shower Game Fill one baby bottle with a liquid such as juice for each person playing your baby shower games.  Have a stop watch ready and count to three and everyone starts drinking from their baby bottle.  … Read more

Baby Party Games

Blindfolded Cottonball RaceBlindfold the guest as he tries to transfer as many cotton balls from one bowl to another while being timed and using a spoon. Guest with most transfered in the allowed time wins. Blindfolded Lap GameIdentify the person in whose lap you are sitting while being blindfolded. Guest to identify in the shortest … Read more

Kid’s Party Games

Free party games – Fun party games – kids party games Pinata Fun(For instructions to make Pinatas view our kids crafts)Blind fold the participant who tries to hit the Pinata and break it open to get the candy inside it for this fun kid’s party game. Alphabet GameSee who can put all the letters of … Read more

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