Baby Shower Games


Baby Diaper Suprise Game
Your guests guess what kind of melted candy bar is in the diaper. 

Baby Bottle Baby Shower Game 
Fill one baby bottle with a liquid such as juice for each person playing your baby shower games.  Have a stop watch ready and count to three and everyone starts drinking from their baby bottle.  The first person to empty their baby bottle wins a prize.

Baby’s Name Baby Shower Game
Hand out pieces of paper to each guest that has the baby’s name at the top of the pieces of paper. Time your guests by giving them 2 minutes or so to make as many words out of the baby’s name as they can.

Baby Shower Activity
Have each guest write advice in baby’s notebook.

Baby Shower Bingo Game
Make several copies of a a blank bingo card.  Put some baby item names on the bingo cards. Call out the baby item names to see who bingos first. 

Baby Shower Games Anagram
Let your guests find as many words as they can find from the letters in “baby shower games”

Baby Shower Memory Game
Your guests will try to remember all the baby items they see on a tray you flash before them. The guest who remembers the most wins.

Baby Shower Word Scramble
Take the letters of some baby item names and mix up the letters.  Have your guests unscramble the letters to spell the names of the baby items.  The guest with the most baby items names spelled correctly wins.

Baby Songs Baby Shower Game
Time your guests for 3 minutes or so as they try to write down as many songs as they can that have the word baby in the title.

Caught Crossing Legs Game
Give everyone a diaper pin to wear as they arrive. Tell everyone if a guest finds someone has crossed their legs before all the baby shower games are played, they can take that person’s pin.  The guest with the most pins after you have played all your baby shower games, will win this game.

Don’t Say “BABY”
Give each guest a clothes pin as they arrive and tell them to try to catch someone saying the word “baby” before all your baby shower games are played.  If they do,  they get to take that person’s clothes pin. The one with the most pins after all the baby shower games are played will win.

Do you Know Your ABCs Baby Shower Game 
On a piece of paper, write down one letter of the alphabet.  Put each remaining letter of the alphabet on a seperate sheet of paper. Each of the guests at your baby shower will pick a baby item that starts with their letter and turn it in to you. The people at your baby shower then guess which item was chosen and the first one to answer correctly gets the card. The guest with the most cards wins.

Favorite TV Shows Baby Shower Game
Make a list of your favorite TV shows.  Write them on a card (one card for each guest playing your baby shower games) leave a blank line beside each TV show and let the people at your baby shower guess the correct amount of children in each TV show.  The person who has the most answers correct, wins a prize.

Guess What’s In The Bag
Your guests will feel and guess what’s in the bag as you time them at 4 minutes each. The guest to guess the most of the contents wins the bag.

How Much Does It Cost?  Baby Shower Game 
Buy some items to fill a bag.  You could buy anything you want or stuff like candy, gum, stationary, pens, and other items to put in the bag for whoever wins it at the baby shower.  Keep the receipt for all the items you bought and put in the bag.  Have everyone at your baby shower guess the price of each item in the bag, whoever guesses the closest to the correct prices, wins the bag full of goodies.

Match The Baby Pictures
Have your guests bring a baby picture of themself to the baby shower. Each guest tries to match the baby pictures to the real person.

Name That Song
The host plays a few seconds of a song and the guests try to guess it.  Guest with most right wins. 

Pass The Diaper 
Put 5 small baby items in a diaper and close it up. Tell your guests to pass the diaper around and guess what is in the diaper. The guest who guesses the most baby items wins. 

Penny For Your Thoughts
Have a different penny for each guest with a different year on it.  Duplicate those years and keep them for yourself.  Give each guest a penny and put yours in a jar.   Then select a penny from the jar and the person with that corresponding year tells a little about themself.   After everyone has spoken, you place all your pennies in another jar and draw out a winner of whoever has the corresponding year of that winning penny.

Pin in the Rice Game
Put uncooked white rice in a bowl and add around 50-100 small safety pins. Have your guests take turns by giving them only a few timed seconds of 30 seconds or so to close their eyes and see how many safety pins they can pick out of the rice. Whoever has the most pins wins.

Pin The Diaper On The Baby
Try to pin the diaper on a doll using only one hand.

Purse Treasure Hunt Game
Tell your guest to place their purses on their laps. Say an item and the first person who finds it in her purse gets a prize. 

Purse Weight
Weigh each guests purse.  The person with the heaviest purse wins.  You could also do a purse size competition.

Say That No No Word
As your guests arrive, give each person a sticker to wear.  Tell them each time the word (any word you choose) is said before all the baby shower games are played that the person who hears another person say the word takes their sticker.  The person with the most stickers after all the baby shower games are played wins.

Scratch Cards
Make scratch cards for a baby shower game by drawing 3 baby items on a piece of paper. Draw 3 matching items on one ticket for the winning ticket. Cover the pictures with a silver crayon. Give guests a penny to scratch the crayon off and see if they got the winning ticket.

The Price Is Right Baby Shower Games
Use baby items and have guests guess the prices of them.

The Rhyming Baby Shower Game
List a column of words on a sheet of paper (one sheet for each guest).  Let guests think of as many words as they can that rhyme with your listed words while you time them.

Toilet Paper Baby Shower Game
Let guests tear off the amount of toilet paper they think they’ll need to last them until your baby shower games are all played.  After you play all your baby shower games, tell your guests to use the toilet paper they have to measure your belly.  The guest with the closest length of toilet paper wins.

Two Truths And One Lie
Each guest tells 2 truths and one lie about themself.  Everyone tries to guess which one is the lie. Most guessed right, wins.

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