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Pinata Fun
(For instructions to make Pinatas view our kids crafts)
Blind fold the participant who tries to hit the Pinata and break it open to get the candy inside it for this fun kid’s party game.

Alphabet Game
See who can put all the letters of the alphabet in alphbetical order first.

Apple Bob
Have guests bob for apples in a tub of water using only their teeth.  Guest with most apples wins this fun party game.

Ball in the Air 
Let guests throw the ball in the air and have the referee see how many seconds it stays in the air.  Winner of this kid’s party game is one who keeps it in the air the longest.

Blindfolded Cottonball Race
Blindfold the guest as he tries to transfer as many cotton balls from one bowl to another while being timed and using a spoon. Guest with most transfered in the allowed time wins.

Candy Hunt
Buy plastic eggs or another container and put candy in them. Hide them. This kid’s party game gives the prize of who find the eggs keep the candy.

Candy Ring Toss
Kids party game where kids toss rings around candy spread out on a table.  Prize is the candy they get inside their ring.

Cotton Ball Race
Try to balance a cotton ball on a spoon while running a relay race.

Duck Duck Goose
Everyone forms a circle while sitting down.  One person will be it and goes around the circle taping each person saying duck duck goose over and over. When they stop saying it you and the goose you picked race to the center of the circle to see who can get their first, whoever looses is it.

Fishing Kid’s Party Game
Put some small toys with magnetic tape on each toy in the bottom of a empty pool or barrel. Make fishing poles with sticks and string and a magnet at the end of the string.  Let kids fish, what they catch they keep.

Head, Hand And Feet Kid’s Party Game
While racing to finish line, have kids hold a full glass of water in one hand, a stick in the other and roll a ball with their feet. 

Hide And Seek 
Fun Kid’s Party Games are where everyone gets to play and you pick someone to seek, have them hide while others are counting to 40.  Then others yell “Ready or Not, Here I Come” and rush to find him. The one who finds him wins.

How Many Toys in The Jar?
Have guests guess how many small toys in a jar, closest guess wins.

Hula Hoop Game
Who can hula hoop the longest without using their hands and they win.

Hula Hoop Toss Game
Choose items to use to throw through a hula hoop like a football, balls or frisbee, person with most through the hoop wins.

Lucky Lollipop
Fill a jar with many lollipops, standing upright. Put a colored dot on the bottom of as many of the lollipop sticks as you wish to be winning lollipops. Let guests pick a lollipop from the jar, and whoever picks a marked one wins.

Marbles Kids Party Games
Knock as many marbles out of the circle as possible. Win the marbles if you knock the most out of the circle.

Marbles Golf Game
Knock as many marbles into a hole in the center of the circle as you can.  Guest with most in the circle wins the marbles.

Memory Test Game
Show some items displayed on a tray for a short amount of time, then ask guests to recall the items.  First guest to write the most correct items on a peice of paper and give it to you wins. 

Name That Cartoon
The host plays a few seconds of a tune and the kids try to guess what cartoon it is from.  Kid with most right wins this kid’s party game.

Obstacle Course
Set up an obstacle course with a hula hoop to crawl through, items to run around, a broom to jump over, etc. First kid to end wins this party game.

Oink Game
Have a kid from one team oink like a pig and the other team guess who oinked.  Winning team is one who guessed the most.

Pin The Tail On The Donkey
Have your guests take turns while blindfolded to pin the tail on the donkey in the correct spot. Guest getting the right spot wins.

Ring Around the Bottles
Have kids toss some rings around bottles at a distance away.  Kid with most rings on his bottle wins. 

Sand Pass Game
Each team passes the handful of sand to all their team members. When the sand reaches the last player, he pours it on a plate. Weigh the sand and the team with the most sand wins. 

Scavenger Hunt Kids Party Game
Make 2 teams. Give clues that take kids to the prizes. Put clues all over the yard and let kids collect them.

Shoot at the Target With a Water Gun
Set up things for kids to shoot at, kid who hits the most wins this party game.

Simon Says
A well known kids party game where you do what simon says.  If simon says something but didn’t say simon says with it, your out of the game.  Winner is last guest in the game.

Toss Coins To A Plate
Have kid’s toss coins on a plate a distance away.  Kid with most on his plate wins this kids party game. 

What’s In The Bag
Your guests will feel and guess what’s in the bag. Guest to guess the most of the contents wins the bag.

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