Baby Party Games


Blindfolded Cottonball Race
Blindfold the guest as he tries to transfer as many cotton balls from one bowl to another while being timed and using a spoon. Guest with most transfered in the allowed time wins.

Blindfolded Lap Game
Identify the person in whose lap you are sitting while being blindfolded. Guest to identify in the shortest amount of time wins this party game.

Cotton Ball Race
Try to balance a cotton ball on a spoon while running a relay race.

Gift Card Game
Pass out one deck of cards to your guests so everyone gets a card. Call out the matching cards from a second deck of cards, as they match the person holding the card from the first deck, that person gets up and picks out a prize.

Grunt Game
Have a person from one team grunt and the other team guess who grunted.  Winning team is one who guessed the most.

Get Down And Limbo
Play music while your guests take turns bending backwards low enough to fit under the limbo stick which could be a broom handle, ect.

Guess The Jar Contents Game 
Try to guess how many candies are in the jar.

Guess What’s In The Bag
Your guests will feel and guess what’s in the bag. Guest to guess the most of the contents wins the bag.

How Many Candies in Jar?
Have guests guess how many candies in jar, closest guess wins the candies in the jar.

Hula Hoop Game
Who can hula hoop the longest without using their hands and they win.

If You Love Me, Smile
Get to know you party game,  Guests form a circle with one guest in the middle as the person who is “it”. The “it” person will approach guests and ask, “Baby, do you love me?” The guest being asked must answer, “Baby, I love you but I just can’t smile.” If he smiles or laughs, he becomes “it” and last “it” joins the circle

In the Air
Let guests throw the ball or another item in the air and have the referee see how many seconds it stays in the air.  Winner is one who keeps it in the air the longest.

Lucky Lollipop
Fill a jar with many lollipops, standing upright. Put a colored dot on the bottom of as many of the lollipop sticks as you wish to be winning lollipops. Let guests pick a lollipop from the jar, and whoever picks a marked one wins this party game.

Memory Test Party Game
Show some items displayed on a tray for a short amount of time, then ask guests to recall the items.  First guest to write the most correct items on a peice of paper and give it to you wins this party game.

Movie Charades Game
Form teams and act out movies, the other team has to guess.  Most successful team wins this party game.

Movie Star Name Unscramble Game
Unscramble the movie star names.  First guest done wins this party game.

Name That Song
The host plays a few seconds of a song and the guests try to guess it.  Guest with most right wins this party game. 

Pass The Orange Party Game
Form 2 teams and pass the orange from team member to team member using your neck and chin and no hands. First team to get the orange to the end of their team without using their hands wins this fun party game.

Scratch Cards
Make scratch cards by drawing 3 items on a piece of paper. Draw 3 matching items on one ticket for the winning ticket. Cover the pictures with a silver crayon. Give guests a penny to scratch the crayon off and see if they got the winning ticket.

Spoon Relay Party Game
Form a team and then have them transport water from a bowl to a glass with their hand while passing it along, the team with the most water in the glass wins this party game.

Sugar Pass Party Game
Each team passes the handful of sugar to all their team members. When the sugar reaches the last player, he pours it on a plate. Weigh the sugar and the team with the most sugar wins.

Three Leg Sack Race
You and your partner place a total of 2 legs into a sack and race other couples with 2 legs in a sack to the finish line.

Throw Items Through The Hula Hoop Party Games
Choose items to use to throw through a hula hoop like a football, balls or frisbee, person with most through the hoop wins this fun party game. 

Two Truths And One Lie
Each guest tells 2 truths and one lie about themself.  Everyone tries to guess which one is the lie. Most guessed right, wins.

Who Has My Item?
Someone steals your item while you are not looking. You have 4 tries to guess who took it.

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