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Mummy Halloween Costumes

You will need: Gauze or strips white material to wrap your body in Saftey pins Instructions A. Dress your mummy in whatever he plans to wear B. Wrap your mummy in the gauze or stips of white material C. Use safety pins to hold the material or gauze in place Baby Mingle

Tourist Halloween Costumes

Make Tourist Halloween Costumes You will need: Paper Maps Wide brim hat Baggy shorts Loud shirt like Hawaiian Instructions A. Dress the tourist and put maps in his pockets so they stick out Baby Mingle

Snowman Halloween Costumes

Make Snowman Halloween Costumes You will need: White sweatshirt and sweatpants White socks White shoes Old Hat Fake snow Scarf Black buttons black yarn or black pom poms for the coal White mask Carrrot Instructions A. Spray the hat with the snow B. Sew the black buttons down the front of the white sweatshirt or … Read more

Halloween Farmer Costume

You will need: bib overhalls plaid flannel shirt (or similar) straw hat black knee boots red hankerchief Instructions A. Dress your farmer in his bib overhalls. B. Put on his plaid flannel shirt C. Tie the red hankerchief around his neck D. Put on his straw hat and knee boots. Baby Mingle

Fireman Halloween Costumes

Make Fireman Halloween Costumes You will need: Rain Coat with a hood Rain pants Rubber boats Fireman hat or a similar hard hat with a light on it Instructions A. Dress in the fireman clothing Baby Mingle

Sleep Walker Halloween Costumes

Make Sleep Walker Halloween Costumes You will need: Pajamas Bath robe Curlers for your hair or a hair bonnet Face creme Slippers Instructions A. Dress the sleep walker and apply the face creme and curlers. Baby Mingle

Rubix Cube Halloween Costumes

Make Rubix Cube Halloween Costumes You will need: Large card board box 5 different colors of paper enough to do 5 sides Black pants Shirt with long sleeves Hot glue gun Instructions A. Cut arms in your cardboard box and a hole for your head to come out B. Put 5 different colors of paper … Read more

Painter Halloween Costumes

Make Painter Halloween Costumes You will need: White coverhalls Painters white cap Paint brush to carry in pocket Old shoes, could have paint specks on them Instructions A. Dress the painter Baby Mingle

Dracula Halloween Costumes

Make Dracula Halloween Costumes You will need:Long black cape or black material to make oneFangsBlack face paint InstructionsA. Dress. B. Paint around the eyes with the black face paint to look scar Baby Mingle

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