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Breastfeeding – Helpful Tips

Breastfeeding – Helpful Tips – by Daphne Nancholas  Breastfeeding has many benefits for your baby. If your baby can be breast-fed for at least 6 months then the risk of allergies, such as eczema, are reduced, ear infections and stomach upsets are also reduced. Mother’s milk seems to boost your baby’s immune system generally.  How … Read more

Breastfeeding Is More Than Just Food

Breastfeeding Is More Than Just Food – by Dr. Melanie Beingessner While the breastfeeding process exists to nourish a newborn and to provide everything that it needs to grow, breastfeeding is much more than food for a baby. The entire breastfeeding process provides significant benefits for both the baby and the mother.  1. Breast Milk Is … Read more

A Ladder For Good Health

Breastfeeding – A Ladder For Good Health – by Sharon Hopkins  Mother’s milk is one of the best foods for babies that anyone could think about. It contains ample amount of proteins and nutrients which could beat any other health drink for your child. The usefulness of this milk becomes more important because it protects … Read more

Facts About Breast Milk

Facts About Breast Milk – by Yana Mikheeva  There’re certain diseases, under which children need a special feeding. One of them is lactase deficiency. This pathology is also called alactasia (a slight form – hypolactasia). It is characterized by the fact that organism feels an acute need for lactase – a ferment that contributes to … Read more

Learning To Breastfeed Can Be Such a Vulnerable Time

Learning To Breastfeed Can Be Such a Vulnerable Time – by Dr. Melanie Beingessner Learning to breastfeed can be a difficult and frustrating time for first-time mothers and their babies. Under the best circumstances, most of us have patience and determination to learn a new skill. However, after the physically draining effects of labour and birth, … Read more

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