Free Printable Kid's Crafts

Patterns For Pencil Toppers

Pen & Pencil Toppers You will need:Pencils or PensLeaves, foam, flowers or patterns drawn on paperGlueIf making for holidays use decorations like glitter,  flowers for the holiday. fall leaves, hearts cut from red paper for Valentines Day, color a small flag for Independence Day, ect.   Instructions:Punch a hole in your leaves, foam, flowers, or patterns … Read more

Patterns For Puppets

Stick Puppet CraftsPrintable craft instructions, print the craft instructions now. You will need: CardboardSticksScissorsFabric, yarn,  buttonsStarch or glue Instructions:Cut the cardboard into large rectangles for bodies, long slim rectangles for legs, arms and tails and smaller rectangles for the puppets head. Paste shapes together to form an animal or a person.Tape a stick to the … Read more

Pattern To Make Your Own Drum

Make Your Own Drum You will need:2 pencils2 spoolsColored paperCrayonsOne empty oatmeal container with lid Instructions:Decorate the oatmeal container with Colored paper and/or crayons. Place the spools at the ends of the pencils and glue in place to make drumsticks. Beat drum to play. Printable craft instructions, print the craft instructions now. Baby Mingle

Pattern To Make A Horn

Make Your Own Horn  You will need:Rubber bandPenOne empty paper towel rollWax paper Instructions:Put wax paper, secured with a rubber band at one end of the paper towel roll. Punch a row of holes along one side of the paper towel roll with the tip of a pen.Play the horn by singing a tune into … Read more

Basic Bubbles

Basic Bubbles3/4 cup water1/4 cup of liquid dishwashing detergent1 1/2 tablespoons light corn syrup Mix all ingredients and pour into a jar. Bubble Soap #22 cups water1/2 cup dish soap1 tsp sugar or light corn syrup Mix all ingredients and pour into a jar.   Better Bubbles6 cups water2 cups Crystal Octagon dishwashing liquid3/4 cup light … Read more

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