Adwina Jackson

Tips For Selecting A Good Day Care

Tips For Selecting A Good Day Care by Adwina Jackson Selecting a daycare is one of the most important decisions you’ll make before returning to the workforce. Why? The center you choose will ultimately be responsible for your child’s well being and safety the 5-9 hours a day they are left in the care of … Read more

Common Childhood Illnesses

Common Childhood Illnesses… What To Look For by Adwina Jackson Children are very susceptible to illnesses, in part because their immune systems are not fully mature. Breastfeeding of course provides some immunity to common illnesses, but nowadays most children are weaned by the time they are 1 year old. Children also have a habit of … Read more

Recognizing A Baby’s Sleep Patterns

Recognizing A Baby’s Sleep Patterns by Adwina Jackson It’s true, the number one milestone most parents seek look forward to is the day (or night) their newborn starts sleeping through the night. You don’t have to suffer endless night after night without sleep however, even with a newborn. Baby’s actually follow certain sleep patterns, and … Read more

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