Kirsten Hawkins

When Your Baby Cries

Mommy & Baby: When Your Baby Cries by Kirsten Hawkins Babies cry. There’s no denying this fact; it’s the only form of communication they have! Deciphering which cry is which is the key, and understanding that not all crying is a bad thing is amazingly important as a parent. Reasons for crying include: Hunger Tiredness … Read more

Mommy & Baby: Teething & Weaning

Mommy & Baby: Teething & Weaning by Kirsten Hawkins These are two topics that strike fear in the hearts of all parents: what will happen when my baby starts teething? How will he respond when it’s time to wean him (from the breast)? Teething Teething is not a disease, but a condition of growth. It … Read more

Watch Out For Allergies With Baby Laundry!

Watch Out For Allergies With Baby Laundry! by Kirsten Hawkins   So you’re having a baby. You think you’ve thought of everything, but at the same time you’re terrified that you’ve missed something. Here’s one thing you may or may not have thought of: laundry. Yes, you know that you will have more, but have … Read more

Feeding – Mommy & Baby: Feeding

Mommy & Baby: Feeding by Kirsten Hawkins If you are a mom who intends to breastfeed her baby, start as soon as practical after the baby is born. Some of this will depend on the hospital’s procedures with newborns; there are hospitals which test a newborn, often returning him to you after several hours time … Read more

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