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Thumb Sucking and Teething: Should Parents be Concerned?

Thumb Sucking and Teething: Should Parents be Concerned?┬áby Robin OBrien Thumb sucking in very early babies can be seen as an adorable habit by many parents. However, as toddlers begin to teething, many parents are concerned that habitual thumb sucking can damage emerging teeth or even developing jaw structure. Is this something to worry about? … Read more

Old Time Teething Remedies

Old Time Teething Remedies   by Robin OBrien Nothing can ‘cure’ teething; after all, it’s not a disease but a right of passage for us all. However, there are some old-fashioned methods that can help alleviate your little loved one’s discomfort. Many parents today want to return to old-fashioned or homeopathic ways of helping their child … Read more

The Five Stages Of Teething

The Five Stages Of Teething   by Robin OBrien Baby teething is a major baby development milestone. The timetable of teething is different for each baby, although the vast majority will begin the teething process around the same age and the appearance of teeth will usually follow a certain order. The appearance of milk teeth is … Read more

Teething: A Developmental Milestone

Teething: A Developmental Milestone by Robin OBrien Seeing the appearance of your child’s first tooth is something you, as a parent, will remember for the rest of your life. But unlike other developmental milestones, teething doesn’t happen all at once. In fact, it can be a long, drawn-out and painful process for both baby and parent. … Read more

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