Halloween Costumes

Fairy Halloween Costumes

You will need: duct tape silver tinsel queen size panty hose pipe cleaner ribbon glitter white or pink outfit such as a bodysuit or long gownstar garland body glitter aluminum wire  – about 9 guageempty christmas wrapping paper cardboard tube  InstructionsA.  Make the wire wings with a coiled roll of aluminum wire 13 foot in length and bend it in half and make a … Read more

Nerd Halloween Costumes

Make Nerd Halloween Costumes You will need:Too small pantsOld pair of glassesMasking tapeKnee high socksBig book or a notebook InstructionsA.  Put on your too small pants and button your shirt up wrong you could have it tucked in half way too. B.  Slick your hair back C.  Put a wad of masking tape on your … Read more

Ghost Halloween Costumes

Make Ghost Halloween Costumes You will need:White sheet or white materialSissorsThread and needle InstructionsA.  Cut eyes in the Sheet B.  Cut off extra length at the bottom of the sheet. C.  Sew the sheet so the material will go in at the neck Baby Mingle

Fisherman Halloween Costumes

You will need: Waders or just a pair of knee high rubber bootsJeans and a shirtFishing hatSun glasses (could be place on the hat not on the eyes) InstructionsA.  Dress your child in the jeans, shirt, and waders.  B.  Put on his fishing hat and hook the sunglasses to it if it will be dark. C. … Read more

Quarterback Halloween Costumes

You will need: HelmetSports stretch pants and matching shirt (get the colors to match your favorite team)Knee padsPadding for shoulders (soft foam, small pillows, or lots of paper towels formed to fit)White knee socksTennis shoes InstructionsA.  Dress your child in his stretch pants and matching shirt.  B.  Stuff the shoulder padding under his shirt C.  Put … Read more

Dice Halloween Costumes

Make Dice Halloween Costumes You will need:Hot glue gunWhite paint2 cardboard boxes, paint them whiteBlack construction paper or black paint InstructionsA.  Paint the box white. B.  Cut out several black circles from the black construction paper and glue them on the box or just paint the black circles on each side of your white box … Read more

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