Learning To Understand And Live With ADHD

Learning To Understand And Live With ADHD by Denise Hoptons Helpful Hints On How To Manage Your Childs ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a condition that can afflict children. People suffering from ADHD have symptoms such as: 1) They have a low level of concentration and a very poor attention span. 2) Their … Read more

How to Teach Anger Management to Your Child

How to Teach Anger Management to Your Child by Paul M. Jerard Jr. Most of us recognize the continuing escalation of violence around us, due to intolerance, and many of us blame it on somebody else. Parents teach their children, all the time, and when one of us displays “road rage,” while our child is … Read more

Surviving Colic

Surviving Colic by Tammy Pinarbasi Colic is basically uncontrollable crying in a healthy baby. It can come as early as two weeks and last as long as three months. Typically they will cry for hours at a time and may do this a few times a week. If your baby is crying like this and appears … Read more

Gassy Baby – Dealing With A Gassy Baby

Dealing With A Gassy Baby by Michelle Higgins Does your baby yell and cry non-stop without any apparent reason? Excessive gas in a newborn baby could be the culprit. Gassy and colicky babies present a perpetual challenge to their parents. Welcome to the rocky world of parenting. Gassy Babies Accumulation of gas in baby’s tummy … Read more

When Your Baby Cries

Mommy & Baby: When Your Baby Cries by Kirsten Hawkins Babies cry. There’s no denying this fact; it’s the only form of communication they have! Deciphering which cry is which is the key, and understanding that not all crying is a bad thing is amazingly important as a parent. Reasons for crying include: Hunger Tiredness … Read more

Mommy & Baby: Teething & Weaning

Mommy & Baby: Teething & Weaning by Kirsten Hawkins These are two topics that strike fear in the hearts of all parents: what will happen when my baby starts teething? How will he respond when it’s time to wean him (from the breast)? Teething Teething is not a disease, but a condition of growth. It … Read more

Children and Night Terrors

Children and Night Terrors by Noel Swanson Q. “My 7-year old son wakes up periodically in the middle of the night. We find him sitting bolt upright, staring straight ahead, and screaming at the top of his lungs. He sounds like he’s being viciously attacked. This goes on for a while, during which we try … Read more

Baby Cold Symptoms and How to Give Care

Baby Cold Symptoms and How to Give Care by Leroy Chan Remember how miserable you felt when you last had a cold? Can you imagine what your baby must feel when he experiences a cold for the first time? Viruses are responsible for causing colds. Infected people spread the viruses when they sneeze or cough … Read more

Calming Tips for Hyperactive Children

Calming Tips for Hyperactive Children by: Jeannine Virtue Parents of hyperactive children know the “Would you please just settle down?!” phrase well, and likely use it on a regular basis. There are a number of tips to help parents settle their hyperactive child down. These quick tips and relaxation techniques take the same amount of time … Read more

Preventing Obesity in Young Children

Preventing Obesity in Young Children by Cathy Strahl Do you have a young child whose weight or eating habits are out of control? Need some real world help with ‘taming the cookie monster’? Here are some things that worked for our family. Our daughter, now 14 years old, was plump from birth and thrived happily … Read more

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