Free Printable Kid's Crafts

Make Hanging Potpourri Balls

>Make Crafts of Hanging Potpourri Balls  You will need: Potpourri Lace or netting to put the potpourri in and still be able to smell itRibbonTiny little flowers with a long stem (optional) InstructionsA.  Fill a peice of lace or netting with the potpourri B.  Tie the potpourri in with the ribbon but leave about 2 … Read more

Gift Sachets

Gift Sachets You will need:Dried flower petals and Perfume or just use some PotpourriFabricRibbon Instructions:This craft is ver simple to make.  Cut your fabric into the size sachet you wish to make such as size 4-5 inches by 4-5 inches.  Fill the fabric with either the dried flower petals sprinkled with perfume or some potpourri. … Read more

Coupon Books

Coupon Books (These make a nice gift) You will need:PaperScissorsA pencil, pen, or crayonsSomething to bind your book together like string or staples.  Cut your paper into coupon size pieces.  Bind the papers together into a book with either staples or punch a hole at the corner and put a string or yarn through the … Read more

Make Grapevine Wreaths

Make Crafts of Cheap and Easy Grapevine Wreaths You will need: GrapevineWirePlastic or dried flowers and other items to decorate your wreathRibbon to make a bow  InstructionsPrintable craft instructions, print the craft instructions now.A.  Bend the grapevine to form a circle and wrap it round and round in a circle to form a wreath then fasten … Read more

Card Placemats

Any Occassion Or Christmas Card Placemats You will need:11″ x 14″ or 8 1/2″ x 11″ Poster Board Christmas Cards or if not for Christmas use Birthday Cards or any occassion cards you haveGlueContact Paper MarkersScissors  Instructions: Cut out pieces from your cards or use them whole.  Glue all the pieces in place. Let dry.  Place the … Read more

Egg Carton Caterpillar

Egg Carton Caterpillar You will need:Egg cartonCrayons or markers Googly eyesScissorsPipe cleaners Instructions: Cut 6 cups out of the egg carton but keep them together in a row uncut between those rows to form yorur caterpillar. Insert pipe cleaners for the caterpiller antennas.  Poke a hole for each then insert. Glue on the eyes, draw a … Read more

Make Gifts of Painted Stone Magnets

Make Crafts of Painted Stone Magnets  You will need: StonesPaint or markersMagnetsGlue to glue the magnet to the back of the stone InstructionsA.  Decorate your stones with smiley faces or something else B.  Glue the magnet to the back of the stone and it can be put on the fridge.  If giving it at a Holiday … Read more

Make Pictures From Cd Cases

Make Crafts of Cheap and Easy Photo Frames From Cd CasesPrintable craft instructions, print the craft instructions now. You will need: Empty plastic clear Cd Cases from your music cdsPictures to fit in the cd casesColored paper, just one sheetGlueMagnet (optional)  InstructionsA.  Put your picture in the cd case B.  Make a frame to go around … Read more

Make Rock Paperweights

Make Crafts of Cheap and Easy Rock Paperweights You will need: Paint Glitter and glue (optional)Nice rock   InstructionsA.  Paint then decorate with smiley faces or use glue and glitter on the surface of the rocksPrintable craft instructions, print the craft instructions now. Baby Mingle

Pattern For Flower Garden in a Jar

Flower Garden in a Jar You will need:A clear Jar with lidSmall silk, plastic or dried flowersRolling pinGluePlay dough Instructions:Use the rolling pin to roll out the play dough. Cut the play dough using the mouth of the jar.  Stick flowers into the dough. Leave lid off and dry over night. When the play dough … Read more

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